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“The band of a new Generation”

The young talents of Groundtown 99 were handpicked by Joe Whitney and his artist agency All Entertainment. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, they have put together a group of artists that is waiting to conquer the world with their musical strength and power!

Groundtown 99 - Live in Action!

The new Groundtown 99 Video is Online!

The multitalented musicians of Groundtown 99 are among the best musicians of the young generation. They understand how to capture their audience with their fantastic groove, their incredible solomons and their powerful voices. The first performances were already amazing as the band presented themselves as if they had been playing together for decades.

Talent, beauty and energy describe Groundtown 99 best. The band is run by Julie Townsend and Telly Siebert.

Groundtown 99 has a large repertoire of up-to-date hits, classic soul titles and rock’n’roll numbers and also creates goose bumps with their acoustic interpretations.

Whether it’s party, lounge or dinner music, the band’s exceptional possibilities and variations allow the band to reach every audience – from public appearances to corporate and even private events.

We are THE music!

Party factor 100%
Experience 90%
Entertainment quality 100%
Coffee intake 26%

The Band

Julie Townsend
Julie TownsendVocals / MC / Rapper
She is only 19 years old, but Julie is still convincing through her rare mixture of beauty and talent – which she owes in part to her African roots. With her mix of soul / RnB and rap, it would be hard to imagine the band without her as the frontwoman.
Telly Siebert
Telly SiebertVocals / Entertainer
Telly is our frontman and entertainer through and through. He has already worked with music producers such as Dieter Dehm and Thomas Hahn.
As a full blood singer and musician, he has already stood on many of Germany’s stages for a variety of bands.
Tim Eden
Tim EdenKeys / Sax / Vocals
Tim is our little multitalent. Besides playing the keys, he also has a great passion for accordion, saxophone playing and singing.
With only 20 years, he has already been on many international stages and also won “Jugend musiziert” and “Jugend jazzt” among other prizes.
Tim Eden
Tim EdenKeys / Sax / Vocals
The power pack Marvin Dallaway not only plays incredibly good trumpet, but is also a born entertainer and a traveling singer.
This trumpeter needs proximity to his audience and is glad to be in the middle and not just there. He speaks charmingly and animatingly to his audience and often dances with them.
Philipp Kraiß
Philipp KraißGuitar
Where Philipp is, good mood is pre-programmed! With a lot of passion, power, good mood and a ton of groove, he rocks the stages of Germany.
Jordi Repkes
Jordi RepkesGuitar
Jordi, our Dutchman, has been making music since he was 5 and has been inseparable from his guitar ever since. His music is best described as American Pop and he is known for his melodic and virtuoso guitar playing. On his current and first album “Times Like This”, inspired by Ryan Adams, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd, he makes the listeners’ hearts beat higher.
Jascha Giebel
Jascha GiebelDrums
Jascha is fire and flame for everything that has to do with rhythm, timing and beat. The music student and pulse of the band has made his passion into his profession and has since traveled with several bands and feels complete in almost all genres.
Niklas Esser
Niklas EsserBass
Niklas was already playing in a rock band at the tender age of 13. After graduating, he often toured with artists such as the pop singer Fabian Buch and also had several concert tours throughout the USA, South Korea and France. Today, beside his part in Groundtown 99, he is also on tour with various other bands across Germany.

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